Three Dimensions of GPI

The GPI assesses three dimensions related to global learning and development; each dimension has two scales. GPI data provide a starting point for understanding how students think (cognitive), how they view themselves (intrapersonal), and how they relate to others from different cultures and backgrounds or who have different values (interpersonal).

Cognitive Dimension

Knowing Scale: Recognizing the importance of cultural context in judging what is important to know and value

Knowledge Scale: Understanding and being aware of various cultures and their impact on society

Intrapersonal Dimension

Identity Scale: Being aware of and accepting one's identity and sense of purpose

Affect Scale: Respecting and accepting cultural differences and being emotional aware

Interpersonal Dimensions

Social Responsibility Scale: Being interdependent and having social concern for others

Social Interactions Scale: Engaging with others who are different and being culturally sensitive

Scale Reports