Survey and Reporting Fees

Survey administration and reporting fees are based on the agreement between Iowa State University and the participating institution. The primary administration is the largest administration included on the invoice. To qualify as an additional administration, the survey needs to be included on the invoice.

Fees include a) survey administration; b) data cleaning; and c) reporting with national norms for each survey administration. Additional reports are subject to additional fees. Fees include up to 12 months of data collection, assuming all data collected during that period are reported in the aggregate.

Fee Structure

Sample Size Primary Administration Each Additional Administration
Up to 500 $700 $300
501-1,000 $1,000 $500
1,001-1,500 $1,500 $500
1,501-2,000 $2,000 $500
More than 2,000 $2,500 $1,000

A $300 programming fee may be added if an institution adds institutional specific questions or uses the same survey for multiple groups and needs a survey item to allow the students to indicate with a group. The fee covers the time needed to reprogram the survey software and any additional time needed to modify the Institutional Review Board approval through Iowa State University.

Fee Examples

Example Itemized Fees Total Fees
Survey 900 seniors in the spring 1. General Form ($1,000) $1,000
Survey 150 students pre-post experience abroad 1. General Form as pre-test ($700)
2. Study Abroad Form as post-test ($300)
Survey 600 students participating in three experiences abroad, assessing pre-post experiences 1. General Form as pre-test ($1,000)
2. Study Abroad Form as post-test ($500)
3. Add item to indicate experience abroad ($300)