The GPI is available in three forms to assess students' global learning and experiences at critical points during college. The three forms share a common set of demographic questions and 35 core questions related to the three dimensions. These common questions allow for consistency in longitudinal and pre-post assessment. Each form has additional items that align with its purpose: See a complete list of all GPI Survey Items (pdf). The GPI is protected by U.S. and International Copyright laws; reproduction and distribution is prohibited without permission.

The table below can provide additional information on which form may be best suited for your assessment needs. If you need assistance determining which form would be best, contact our team at

Selecting a Form

  New Student Form General Form Study Abroad Form
High school experiences    
College entry/First-year  
Senior exit    
Pre-study abroad    
Post-study abroad    
Pre-learning experience (e.g., internship, civic engagement, service learning)    
Post-learning experience (e.g., internship, civic engagement, service learning)    

New Student Form

The New Student Form (see sample online survey) assesses students' high school curricular and co-curricular experiences. It should be used at the beginning of the first semester in college.

General Form

The General Form (see sample online survey) serves multiple purposes:

  • Stand-alone assessment of students' global learning at any point during the college experience
  • Pre-test for students participating in study abroad
  • Post-test for students who took the New Student Form during their first year
  • Senior exit survey
  • Can be used for end-of-year assessment

This form includes questions related to perceptions of community as well as curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Study Abroad Form

The Study Abroad Form (see sample online survey) is used after the completion of an education abroad experience. It includes questions related to their experiences and engagement with the host country's culture and residents.

Sample GPI Reports

Data Security

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Scale Reports